Our last day with you we’ll fill our batteries in the midst of green gardens, blue skies and purple lavender fields.

At NSF we like to celebrate our own traditions as well, “Sânzienele” in particular. Since the event falls on the day prior this holiday we thought that just like the fairies in the mythical story we can come together to sing and dance on the open fields. When the evening comes, we’ll get together around the fire pit for the magical food and potions served for the Romanian Dinner. For this Farewell Party we will dress up in linen clothes and other pieces from the Romanian folklore. So, if you have any linen clothing (blouse, pants, dress, vest), we invite you to wear it joyfully at the dinner and the party.


Lavandierii Farm House is situated in the eastern part of the county, at a distance of 34 km (21 mi) from Cluj-Napoca, the place to relax on the last day. After all the dancing, all the sleepless nights and the city lights, we’ll chill out on the country side, next to lavender flowers, bees and (sometimes) deer, in the shade of the cherry trees, listening to good music, and dancing on the horizon. A bit of wellbeing for each of us.


We want to make sure that everyone gets to the garden party and returns safe and sound. If on your registration you selected to get help with transportation, that will be provided by us. Keep in mind there will be a picking and dropping spot and a time frame to return from the party. Please let us know by email if you need to return sooner.

If you have chosen to manage on your own, check the map location (pin) for directions on how to get there.

From Cluj-Napoca to Lavandierii Farm House Suatu a car trip takes about 30-40 minutes.


There is no accommodation for the time being at this location. However there are some bed and breakfast in the area that you can check.

But, if you really want to fully take in the Outdoor Sunday at Suatu, we suggest to spend the night at the million stars outdoor “hotel”. Lavandierii Farm House will provide the space where you can set your tent for the night. We will help out if needed to transport your equipment, just let us know in advance, via email, about your plans to spend the night.

Garden map

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