Maxence Martin & Aymeline Felmy


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Maxence is the first french dancer who reached the West Coast Swing Champion title. Ex-champion of judo and black belt, he started his dance carrier in Lindy-Hop. Quickly falling in love with WCS, he started his training in 2007 with the Greatests in California. He reached Champions level in less than a year. Involved in the West Coast Swing community and travelling all over the world to share his knowlegde and his passion for this dance, he was rewarded with Award of the Best International Dancer at the Westie Awards Nominations ceremony of 2011. He showed his 2 first routines at the US Open with his famous partner Kelese Key (Texas). Maxence is one of the most talented, appreciated and kind dancers of his generation.

Aymeline is driven by a deep passion. Her journey with WCS began in 2008 when she came across “Pump It” by Jordan & Tatiana — an absolute revolution! She temporarily paused her dancing pursuits for 8 years to focus on studying osteopathy and physiotherapy.
Her venture into the dance scene resumed in 2016, marked by her participation in events where she experienced the joy of social dancing alongside individuals from diverse backgrounds. The connection, the sensations, and the boundless creativity that WCS offers ignited a constant drive within her to delve deeper into her personal practice. This pursuit aimed at refining her movement quality and fostering profound harmony with her dance partner.
Moreover, her fascination with biomechanics, the human body’s intricate workings, and movement analysis propelled her into the realm of WCS instruction. She embarked on a journey of teaching regular courses, driven by a desire to share her expertise. Her commitment to excellence led her to receive training from esteemed instructors like Maxence, equipping her to provide the utmost guidance to her students.

Philipp & Ekaterina Wolff

Philipp and Ekaterina are a young teaching couple, but very passionate and dedicated to West Coast Swing.

Philipp had a background in ballroom, Latin and salsa, Ekaterina was a Champion level Russian Discofox dancer before moving to Germany. They both are All-Star level WCS dancers and the most competitively successful couple in Germany. They teach regular WCS classes in Tanzschule Gutmann in Freiburg every week, as well as directing JT Swing Teams (JV routine, seasons 5 and 6).

Their philosophy is that every person should be able to enjoy dancing. It’s not only about sweat and tears and hours spent in the ballroom for routine practice – it’s also about joy and freedom, and finding ways to communicate with any other dancer. The human body has limits, also every person has a different amount of time available for this hobby, but that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t feel happy while practicing WCS. They feel that technique is important – in the sense that it allows the dancer to feel confident and safe for themselves and their partner, while enjoy the connection and fun that WCS brings.

Olivier Harouard

Olivier Harouard is a successful instructor, competitor, performer and festival organizer. He organizes the Westie On The Promenade with Natasha Devyatkina and Maxence Martin.

Together with Natasha, he has won numerous contests. In 2011, at the American Classic Balboa Championships, the highest ranked Balboa competition, they placed 3rd. In April 2013 at the Balboa Rendezvous they were the first European couple to win the title of Champion IBC (International Balboa Championship) in Newport Beach.

More than competing, Olivier enjoys social dancing and sharing his passion with others teaching in all kinds of Swing dances. Being one of the best leaders in the world, he bewitches the ladies with his French charm and spirit. He is a permanent student in all styles and is constantly trying to improve his skills and ways of teaching.