NSF does not have a fix location. We want to give you the possibility to explore the city and it’s surroundings. This is the reason for which we have chosen to have several locations in and outside the city. For directions to each of these locations please check out the pins on the map below.

Thursday pre-party and Friday workshops and party will be hosted by Crystal Studio which is located in a newly developed area of the city.

Saturday the workshops will be hosted by Casa de Cultura a Studentilor Cluj, an environment that develops artistic and moral qualities of the young students, is an event space for cultural experimentation, promotion and affirmation of young talent.

For Saturday’s 20’s Themed Party we’ll return to Crystal Studio.

Sunday’s blues workshops take us into the depths of the Salt Mine of Turda, the sci-fi theme park.

Sunday, the farewell day will end relaxing at Lavandierii Farm House in Suatu village. After all the dancing, all the sleepless nights and the city lights, we’ll chill out on the country side.


We do not offer accommodation for this event but we can recommend several options in the proximity of the venue. Contact us for details.


For directions you can use the pins on the map below.

For the Crystal Studio we also prepared a visual aid: